Strategies when playing slots

There is some strategies where you can win at slots however there is no guarantees. First off it is picking the right machines, the ones with better odds of winning. A lot of players go to a casino with 20 dollars and think they are going to walk out a winner. If your double your money, then your pretty lucky. You do not have to have thousands to win but you do need a few hundred available. First is the denomination your playing, penny slots are fun and all but they do not pay out well. If you were to figure out how much you are betting per spin you might realize it would be similar to if you were betting on a dollar machine. People seem to get freaked out when they play dollar machines and are betting a minimum of 5 dollars per spin, however these machines pay more often so 100 might get a payback of a few hundred. Example: I went into a casino a month ago and put a 100 in a dollar machine, on my second spin I hit a jackpot over 3000.00. I am not saying that will happen all the time but it does happen often where you win over 1000.00, if you were to put that same 100 in a penny machine you will probably get to play for a little while but it is doubtful you will win over a couple hundred. Of course this will all depend on how many others play these machines and timing. Never chase the win or you will probably lose, and if you do hit a jackpot do not walk away for a bit. Play the machine for a little while longer as it is common for them to hit multiple times.

Other machines that players win at are the progressive that have smaller jackpots. They must pay when they reach a specific amount so when they are higher than you seen before it is time to jump on them and play. Max betting is required to win jackpots and many make the mistake of not paying the maximum, where they hit the jackpot combination but only win a faction of the amount.  You can practice these skills on casinos which have a slots no deposit bonus, play higher amounts to see if your win increases.