Multi Line Video Slots

In recent times the online casinos have focused on providing better slots games but adding more advanced features such as the multi line video slots. Even with this they keep moving forward to bring more exciting types of features in the bonus round and free spins. They have become very interactive more like playing a video game not a slot machine, similar to what you would find in land based casinos. Many find the online video slots much more appealing than a local casino as their is a larger selection of casino games to play. Casinos often rotate games out to bring more in due to limited space, where as online casinos just continue to add on to the choice of machines so old favorites will never disappear and new slots games might be more enticing.

Online Slots with Bonuses


Microgaming has quite a number of multi line slots and the video version as just amazing. The latest is the DC comics progressive jackpot game with bonuses given in many ways. Random multipliers, added bonuses, changing of reels to increase wins, hold on reels plus free spins where random extra spins are given and extra times factor. Normal video slots have up to 100 pay-lines, and thousands of ways to win. The best way to find out about the multi line slots is to download the software and give them a test drive with the no deposit bonuses.

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